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Our intake system meets the highest security standards; everything is encrypted on a secure server. The ONLY people who can access it are the Student Legal Services attorneys and staff. All information collected remains absolutely confidential and private, even though the attorney-client privilege does not attach until you actually meet with an attorney.

Welcome to our new online intake appointment system! Please fill in all of the information requested below. Providing this information online will save you time and maximize the value of your consultation with one of our attorneys. The demographic information requested helps us assess how well we are serving the entire student community.

After you complete this form, click "Submit Case" at the bottom. Your "Description of the Problem" will help us determine if yours is the type of case we can handle. If so, you will receive an email to contact the office to schedule your appointment. You are welcome to call the office at 310.825.9894 before completing the form if you have any questions about the types of cases we handle.

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