We provide confidential legal counseling and assistance regarding a wide range of legal issues to all currently registered and enrolled UCLA students.

Student Legal Services understands that you are facing serious challenges on many fronts due to COVID-19, and we are here to support you. To ensure that all those who need legal assistance have access to it in these unprecedented times, we are waiving all fees for our regular services. We encourage you to reach out to us if you would like our help. Please stay safe and healthy.

If you would like to schedule a new intake appointment, please click on “Appointments” in the upper right corner. Complete the form, and we will be in touch to schedule an in person or Zoom appointment with you.

Student Legal Services will be closed for the winter break from Monday, December 19, 2022 until Tuesday, January 3, 2023. We hope you have a lovely holiday season.

If you are interested in information about eviction and rent increase protections, early termination of your lease, and signing a new lease, please read COVID-19 Tenant Protections and Responsibilities (PDF) and COVID-19 and Signing a New Lease (PDF).

There are many scams targeting tenants and students seeking employment. For more information, please read Renters’ Scam Alert (PDF), COVID-19 and Sublease Scams (PDF), and Job Offer Fraud (PDF).


A239 Murphy Hall, Box 951439
Los Angeles, California
(Campus mail code: 143901)

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Phone: (310)-825-9894
Fax: (310)-825-1068
Email: slegal@saonet.ucla.edu


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UCLA Student Legal Services is located in A239 Murphy Hall.

We provide confidential* legal counseling and assistance regarding a wide range of legal issues to all currently registered and enrolled UCLA students. We are able to help students with a variety of problems, including: Landlord/Tenant Relations, Accident and Injury Problems, Domestic Violence and Harassment, Criminal Matters, Immigration, Divorces and Other Family Law Matter, Automobile Purchases, Credit, Collections, and Financial Issues, Employment Matters, and Health Care and Consumer Problems.

We also frequently assist students with issues they have with other UCLA departments in such areas as housing, financial aid, harassment, discrimination, ADA compliance, student discipline, and faculty misconduct. We give students the information they need to assess their options and, in appropriate cases, will negotiate on behalf of the student, as well as draft letters and legal documents for the student. Students may make an appointment with an experienced attorney by completing the Request for Appointment form. The office is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to noon and 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

* All communications with the attorneys are subject to the attorney-client privilege, which means that the attorneys may not disclose anything that a client tells them unless the client authorizes them to do so. Students can talk about the most sensitive matters knowing that everything they say to the attorneys will never be discussed with anyone unless the students give their explicit permission. This highest level of confidentiality makes our office a very safe place for students to get help.

Mission Statement

The mission of Student Legal Services is to prevent, ameliorate, or resolve legal problems that confront students by providing professional legal counseling and assistance. Student Legal Services also seeks to educate students about their legal rights and responsibilities through informational programs and materials, as well as individual counseling.


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